Voice is an amazing transformer which can change a person’s mindset and thinking. Your voice is the best healing tool for your own body. That’s why it is normal to scream when you are not happy, to shout when you are feeling angry, or why a baby cries when they want something, or they feel sad. Our voice works in different ways to help us express ourselves and release all the negative emotions within.


In vocal therapy, we focus a lot on vocal toning practice, because vocal toning is the equivalent of vitamins for your voice. The more you practice the toning, the more it will help you to strengthen the inner muscles and deepen your breath.  Your body chemistry will also change and activate the healing needed for your body.  Your brainwaves will also reach the calm frequency which is either Alpha or Theta.


Every voice therapy session is like a monthly rebooting of your hand phone and troubleshooting. It is important to ensure the efficiency of the system and organs to maintain your health and wellbeing. The voice therapy session will also help you to achieve a breakthrough and allow you to speak or sing more confidently with a clearer and brighter voice.


Your voice is your best doctor. The vibrations of the toning can fix all types of symptoms or illnesses, including emotional sickness.  These include:

-             Thyroid

-             Muscle tension

-             Physical pain

-             Breathlessness

-             High blood pressure

-             Heart and chest tightness

-             Migraine and insomnia

-             Tone deafness

-             Depression

-             Anxiety

-             Low confidence

-             Bad mood/frustrations etc


Free your voice and ready yourself for a brand new life. Everyone deserves the best, when you can voice out beautifully, your entire journey will be different and full of excitement.


In this one to one private consultation, you will learn:

  • How to love your voice
  • Use your voice as your body scanner which tells you about your body condition and entire energy for the day
  • Impress people in your speech and presentation through the essence of your voice
  • Practitioner

    Michele Chong is a professional Voice Coach and Sound therapist. She is also a singer song writer, who graduated from the London Music College and Trinity College. She is also a certified meditation instructor. She has been invited to conduct workshops and private consultations internationally and through her sound therapy work, she has transformed and healed many of her clients. She believes that sound is the most powerful medicine.

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